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Chronic Pain Management in Bellevue

Man with back painIf you’re living with chronic pain, you know how difficult it can be to accomplish everyday tasks—even tying your shoes may be impossible. At Endeavor Health and Pain Management, we have nearly two decades of experience helping people improve mobility, decrease pain and reduce their dependence on pain-relieving medications. We want to help you feel and function your best!

Our Multifaceted Approach

As people are multifaceted, Dr. Zahirra Kara believes your care should also be. Spinal manipulation is one aspect of our customized care plans, but it’s not the only one. Based on your specific situation, we will typically include a range of soft tissue therapies, including cold laser, Active Release Techniques® (ART®) and Graston. Dr. Kara will also provide corrective exercises, education and nutritional advice based on your needs and goals.

This holistic, natural approach helps to manage the symptoms that arise from the inflammation which stems from so many chronic pain conditions. While addressing the underlying cause of the inflammation should be the goal, it is often elusive because we are often talking about genetics, so helping people manage symptoms is often the best and most effective course of action.
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Which is exactly what all the medications are trying to accomplish, however those medications come with significant side effects. It also helps to break up adhesions and scar tissue that can cause muscles and other soft tissues to become stuck to each other, inhibiting mobility.

Get Started Today

Whether your chronic pain results from a disease, an injury or a lifetime of wear and tear, our comprehensive approach to care may get your pain under control. Contact us today to schedule.

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