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Meet Dr. Zahirra Kara

A Passion for Service

Dr. Zahirra Kara always wanted to help people, in whatever way possible. She has worked with immigrants and refugees, and her first career was in social work. She wanted to make a more tangible impact on people’s lives in a way that allowed her to guide them on their journey and see their transformation. She considered medical school and physical therapy, but chiropractic offered her the hands-on approach she was looking for, along with the autonomy to make the best decisions possible for her patients.

Chiropractic’s natural approach appealed to Dr. Kara, and she loves being able to offer patients a non-invasive, proactive way to improve their health and prevent problems from occurring or getting worse. She also appreciates that medical doctors, medication and surgery can be necessary and beneficial, and she works with other providers to offer patients the best solution possible for them.

Using Finesse Instead of Muscle

Patients are often surprised that Dr. Kara has the strength to adjust patients much larger than herself.

She explains female chiropractors often possess superior adjusting skills than their male counterparts because they have to use precision and finesse to move joints, rather than muscling through.
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Education and Certifications

Dr. Kara received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 2003. She is trained in:

Using an evidence-based approach to care, Dr. Kara tailors care to each patient’s needs, goals and lifestyle. She is an excellent listener and takes the time to get to know what’s important to you, empowering you to become an active participant in your own health.

In Her Spare Time

As a mom of twin girls, Dr. Kara doesn’t have a lot of free time. But she spends her time away from the office practicing what she preaches about living an active lifestyle—she enjoys yoga, Pilates and weight lifting, and she loves hiking and being outdoors with her family.

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